Low Conflict Family Law

Fighting over every issue that arises in front of a judge
is not the only option in family law cases.

If both parties are able to communicate respectfully, a resolution can be reached in most family law cases outside of the courtroom setting and then submitted to the court for approval. This can happen in divorce actions, custody actions and support actions.

Usually this alternative is much less expensive and easier on the emotional health of the parties.  In cases where more help is needed to find a resolution, mediation can be a useful tool to facilitate a resolution.

Colaberative law alternatives also are available that give both parties the ability to have independent counsel before arriving at an agreement to be submitted to the court.

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Mr. Pingel did a wonderful job of helping me get my disability with short notice.  I was hurt in a car wreck and workman’s comp didn’t want to help me.   I greatly appreciate what Mr. Pingel did for me.

-H. L.

Thank you for all of your work in helping me receive disability benefits from Social Security.  After trying to go through this on my own and not having any success, I can definitely speak to the importance of getting an attorney that specializes in these types of cases.

The labyrinth created by the Social Security administration seems purposefully made to make it difficult to obtain benefits.  You kept me well informed and ready for each step of the process.  You were honest about the chances of having a favorable outcome, and you helped keep me (somewhat) calm when this didn’t go as quickly as expected.

I’m happy to endorse the Pingel Law Offices and I would gladly tell anyone in need of help with a disability issue to call Todd Pingel.

-T. A.

My experience with Pingel Law has been nothing but pleasant.  From the start, he was very friendly and upfront and honest.  When he told me it could take up to a year to see results, he was right.  He was honest but also gave me support when I needed and was feeling frustrated over the length of time it was taking and the hurdles we kept having to jump.  He worked very hard and even went the extra mile when it came to being able to be reached.  I definitely would recommend him and have done to several people.  If you want the job done right – Pingel Offices  is the place to go.

-J. F.